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Owner/Founders: Jesse Olian and Brian Wood

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Herbs & Flowers

We produce a variety of fresh, organic vegetables & lettuce that are ideal for salads. We grow head lettuce, leafy greens for salad mixes and much more!

 We sell what is in season and growing right now! Click above to check out our variety of fresh seasonal vegetables such as: Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and much more!

Looking for organic, fresh herbs & edible flowers? Click here to check out our Herbs & Flower page to learn more!

Here at Sauvie Island Growers, we are proud to announce that we are Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth!

Fresh Produce

Straight from the Farm

We work hard everyday to provide you with natural fresh fruits and vegetables. With our fresh picked produce, Sauvie Island Growers can guarantee sanctification. 

Plant Starts

There are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables at Sauvie Island Growers. As part of respect for mother nature’s ways, all our fruits, flowers and produce are farmed locally and responsibly. We only sell whatever is in season, so you can be sure that anything you buy at Sauvie Island Growers is freshly picked.

Come on Down to the Farm!

Want to learn more about our farm and plan a visit? Get in touch!

Produce Sales Inquiries: Sales@sauvieislandgrowers.com

General Farm Inquiries: Farm@sauvieislandgrowers.com

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